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I am a Project/Program Management and Process/Methodology professional with over 15 years of leadership and management in the technical, business and creative services industries. Accomplishments focus on project/program management, methodology implementations, process improvements, business/functional analysis and creative design/management expertise.

Colleagues and friends say I am passionate in whatever I do. Very true. I care about my clients on whatever project I do from inception through fulfillment, design or management. I am humorous, good natured, hard working and find good options in bad/complicated situations.

Some other personal/professional traits about me:

People-skills. I work effectively with people of all ranks and backgrounds, quickly earning their trust and keeping it through attention to their needs and the needs of any project.

Communication. I can build consensus and use compromise when working with both groups and individuals. I have demonstrated success in motivating decision-makers in implementing goals and objectives.

Persuasiveness. I'm able to communicate information in a manner designed to produce the desired action.

Persistence, self-motivation. I follow all projects through to completion, require very little supervision and always meet and usually exceed expectations.

Adaptable and flexible. Able to learn and apply new knowledge and technology with accuracy and quick turn-around.

Technically savvy. I have a vast working knowledge of many software programs giving me an edge in working with technical supervisors to the board of directors.

My "dream position" is where my talents are used to help exceed client and personal career goals.

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